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On The Needles Friday

This is my first try at knitting with Wollmeise – color- Aspen Tree – yarn was delightful! Flowed very nicely! Now I understand what all the fuss is about! I used Dreamz DPN 6″ size 1.5 (2.50mm) needles. Pattern is Classic Socks for the Family. My favorite pattern right now as I am spending a lot of time at appointments so this is an easy pattern.

Also this was my first try at Pooling! Wow-wee! No idea what I am doing! Read a lot! It is fun! Since this sock was done mostly away from home I didn’t really play with the yarn to manipulate the pooling! Now I will watch that more!

You can head on over to Patchwork Times to learn more about Pooling They are quite interesting! Also a learning tool!

Here is my sock!


Now I will begin the second one!

I am having a great weekend! Hope you are too!



Pooling Yarn Sock Challenge

Pooling Yarn Sock Challenge

Judy at Patchwork Times is having a pooling yarn sock challenge..I have decided to use this Wollmeise Yarn named Aspen Tree! I love the yarn and hope it pools..I have never been amazed or in awe of this spooling phenomenon that my peers are getting into now..but I am willing to learn about it and see if I am going to be addicted to it! I just might be..haha.. The needles I am going to use are Knitters Pride, Dreamz size 2.50, 6″, and knit in the round! I will cast on 60 stitches and if I am not happy with that will cast on 64! Or I will switch to 2.75″!

Here is a picture of my yarn along with the calendar for the Month of March, 2013.

Now here is a picture of the gorgeous yarn unwrapped, sitting on my table!


Now I am off to wind the yarn, cast on, and do the leg of a sock!

I am also getting ready to bake pies! Also, our grandson turns 7 today! So it is a special day in our home! We love our special boy!!! He is a joy to have around!! We are blessed! Grandchildren are so funny! Make days extra special at times!

Happy Easter Saturday everyone!


On The Needles Friday

On The Needles Friday

I started a new pair of socks! I am recouperating from a total knee replacement that was done Dec 26, 2012. I think this simple pair of socks will be perfect for me to do over the next few weeks or month! Oh geez I hope not longer than that!


I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Godoodlesnquilt (or knit!)

Ready For Fall

I decided to take a square I had finished from a Block of the Month Pattern and make a wall hanging out of it! I don’t know if I will ever make an entire quilt of pumpkins so this is my contribution! I am so looking forward to fall! Is anyone else?


My Gift!!! Oh La La!

I received this gorgeous quilt from my dear friend Yvonne and have to shout out to the world that I love it! Not only do I love it, my grandchildren cuddle in it, my hubby uses it, and my furball tries to use it! The Sunrise quilt by Thimbleberries is a great size, is adaptable on the couch, bed or chair!!! Thank you Yvonne!


This N That!

A week or two ago we had a bad rainstorm. The next morning a tree went down on an abutting property taking out a transformer, and along with that a pole with multiple lines! It took 6 hrs. for us to have electricity restored but to get Internet phones and email took until the next day!

Today we had more severe rain! Lasted about an hour! Guess what! We lost power again! Yup! Dang! We are not 25 miles out in woods! What is going on? This year alone we have lost power probably 5 times!

Is it like that anywhere else in this beautiful country? Like here in NH?

On another note we did go to Merrimack NH today to return a phone case! It made my phone run too hot! But the kiosk was closed due to weather lol! I get to go back another time!!

This is a picture of hubby standing near a Moose that the Outlets have there!! The Manchester Airport has a Moose there too! Must be the thing to put up as a Welcome in NH!!!

Have a great day…


On the Needles Friday

I started knitting my husband a pair of socks in May! Yes ~May 2012! The pattern is Classic Socks by Melinda Goodfellow. The yarn is Skein, color is Granite! I love the yarn! One sock is done ladies.. After I tore half out and started over because I did the heel wrong! Thanks to Yvonnefor checking my work for me! So I give you a picture of the first sock finished for Judy’s On the Needles Friday!

And then the start of the second sock! I know what you all are thinking! I am slowsky! But hey he will have them for winter here in the northeast right!!!