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On The Needles Friday

This is my first try at knitting with Wollmeise – color- Aspen Tree – yarn was delightful! Flowed very nicely! Now I understand what all the fuss is about! I used Dreamz DPN 6″ size 1.5 (2.50mm) needles. Pattern is Classic Socks for the Family. My favorite pattern right now as I am spending a lot of time at appointments so this is an easy pattern.

Also this was my first try at Pooling! Wow-wee! No idea what I am doing! Read a lot! It is fun! Since this sock was done mostly away from home I didn’t really play with the yarn to manipulate the pooling! Now I will watch that more!

You can head on over to Patchwork Times to learn more about Pooling They are quite interesting! Also a learning tool!

Here is my sock!


Now I will begin the second one!

I am having a great weekend! Hope you are too!



Pooling Yarn Sock Challenge

Pooling Yarn Sock Challenge

Judy at Patchwork Times is having a pooling yarn sock challenge..I have decided to use this Wollmeise Yarn named Aspen Tree! I love the yarn and hope it pools..I have never been amazed or in awe of this spooling phenomenon that my peers are getting into now..but I am willing to learn about it and see if I am going to be addicted to it! I just might be..haha.. The needles I am going to use are Knitters Pride, Dreamz size 2.50, 6″, and knit in the round! I will cast on 60 stitches and if I am not happy with that will cast on 64! Or I will switch to 2.75″!

Here is a picture of my yarn along with the calendar for the Month of March, 2013.

Now here is a picture of the gorgeous yarn unwrapped, sitting on my table!


Now I am off to wind the yarn, cast on, and do the leg of a sock!

I am also getting ready to bake pies! Also, our grandson turns 7 today! So it is a special day in our home! We love our special boy!!! He is a joy to have around!! We are blessed! Grandchildren are so funny! Make days extra special at times!

Happy Easter Saturday everyone!


On The Needles Friday

On The Needles Friday

I started a new pair of socks! I am recouperating from a total knee replacement that was done Dec 26, 2012. I think this simple pair of socks will be perfect for me to do over the next few weeks or month! Oh geez I hope not longer than that!


I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Godoodlesnquilt (or knit!)

On the Needles Friday

I started knitting my husband a pair of socks in May! Yes ~May 2012! The pattern is Classic Socks by Melinda Goodfellow. The yarn is Skein, color is Granite! I love the yarn! One sock is done ladies.. After I tore half out and started over because I did the heel wrong! Thanks to Yvonnefor checking my work for me! So I give you a picture of the first sock finished for Judy’s On the Needles Friday!

And then the start of the second sock! I know what you all are thinking! I am slowsky! But hey he will have them for winter here in the northeast right!!!