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This N That!

A week or two ago we had a bad rainstorm. The next morning a tree went down on an abutting property taking out a transformer, and along with that a pole with multiple lines! It took 6 hrs. for us to have electricity restored but to get Internet phones and email took until the next day!

Today we had more severe rain! Lasted about an hour! Guess what! We lost power again! Yup! Dang! We are not 25 miles out in woods! What is going on? This year alone we have lost power probably 5 times!

Is it like that anywhere else in this beautiful country? Like here in NH?

On another note we did go to Merrimack NH today to return a phone case! It made my phone run too hot! But the kiosk was closed due to weather lol! I get to go back another time!!

This is a picture of hubby standing near a Moose that the Outlets have there!! The Manchester Airport has a Moose there too! Must be the thing to put up as a Welcome in NH!!!

Have a great day…